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I just restarted to learn web design and coding. Before I have taken a web design course at school and browsed lots of tutorials. I love your teaching method. Your explanation is very clear, consistent and very easy to try by myself. Take care and please keep up your good work!


The instructor has a great eye for design which is much appreciated. He also forces you to learn how to work fast in a good way.

Initially, he goes slow and teaches you the shortcuts … as the course goes on, he speeds up his workflow causing you to as well. Reminds me of my Spanish instructor who eventually wouldn’t speak English to our class. Very effective! I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn Adobe

XD. Thank you!

John Wooten

I love LivingWithPixels, | learned the Elementor just by watching your tutorial and I made 270$ income from Fiverr last month. All projects I have done with 5-star review. Really grateful to you.

Asad Abdullah

Your videos have helped me a lot these past few months and I landed my first 1000 dollar client today, I shall share the website link once it’s live , love from India! Thank you so much!


Rino, I’m so grateful for every video you post.
It is so apparent that you have done your research and look at all sides of each development, really diving in and not taking another’s word for it, while being aware of the threats/ weaknesses out there. Truly a business mind. You put in the the time, you test, you develop, you’re special. I love your consistency, approach and instruction.
Truthful, honest, ethical, REAL. Thank you for being you. One of a kind and VERY intelligent.

Katie Williams