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Elementor Pro Mastery - How to build with confidence and efficiency

With this website building framework you can stop the overwhelm and start building Elementor websites easily and fast.

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The problem

Stop wasting time by learning a professional system

Let’s face it, working in Elementor can feel overwhelming and frustrating, because there is simply so much possible. The joy of building gets lost in the chaos.

But you also don’t want to become part of the “designers” that just import pre-designed templates. 

So you spend countless hours piecing together different YouTube tutorials or try things yourself. 

Why go through the pain when you can choose the smarter path? Our course is designed to teach you a building system that makes your workflow smooth and streamlined.

By learning this framework, building websites with Elementor will be easier, faster and more fun. Because after following this course you know what is possible and how to work like a professional who doesn’t waste time.

And by building in a smart way you can keep more money in your pocket with each project you finish.

Ready to turn things around and make Elementor easy and fun again?


Who is this course for

The package

What you will get

The full Elementor building system

With over 8 chapters (around 11 hours) of video content, the course covers everything you need to transform your workflow with Elementor Pro.

It’s not just a big brain dump… it’s a structured way of learning which makes you understand Elementor from the inside out.

An exercise project to get you started

If you don’t have a project ready to test your new learned skills on then don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. 

We’ve designed this project to contain a lot of layout & dynamic content challenges, so it will be a real test of your abilities. After building this full website yourself, you have internalised the skills & knowledge, and are now a highly skilled Elementor user.

Access to a private Discord group

After joining, you’ll be invited to a private community of web designers. Inside you can discuss course materials, ask for feedback on your websites, and, of course, network with other web designers.

If you really want to go far in your web design journey, you’re going to need people around you on that same mission, this is what you will find here.


Bonuses you'll also get

Styleguide template

The Elementor Styleguide template that let's you check all your fonts, colors and classes will be available for download.

CSS Classes

Different CSS classes to globally manage things like: padding and buttons will be shared as well.

Website building checklist

A big checklist you can use to check if you are building in the right order.

Website speed tips

A few extra tips on how to optimise your websites for the optimal speed.

The project

...that you can use to practice

Responsive challenges

This website will require some creative solutions for a good responsive design.

Dynamic content required

Without using dynamic content this website simply isn't possible.

Animation proof design

This website asks for some animations, but nothing too complex.

Your instructor

Rino de Boer

I’ve been making websites professionally for over 10 years, and I have taught over 200.000+ YouTube subscribers everything I know about running a Web Design Business.

I believe there’s never been a better time to run a web design business, so I want to help as many web designers as possible build the business of their dreams. And if you’re anything like me, and don’t enjoy coding, then Elementor is an amazing tool to bring your design ideas to life.

I myself have been selling websites built with Elementor to clients for a few years now. When I started using Elementor, the tool was way less capable compared to today, especially when you want to work globally (the most efficient way).

So I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out the perfect workflow for myself in the last couple of years with each new update of the tool. Therefore, I think I now have a pretty solid workflow that I would love to share from A-Z. I hope to see you on the inside of the course!


All the Episodes

Chapter 1

Introduction and the basics of Elementor

A big helicopter view about how Elementor, WordPress and your Theme work together. This will build confidence moving forward.

Chapter 2

How to control content globally with Dynamic Content

Learn how to build websites that are quick and built well with dynamic content. This will make you understand what kind of websites you can build.

Chapter 3

Mastering the Container, Layout and Positioning

A deep dive into layout and positioning to make sure you understand how almost all layouts are built on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Chapter 4

Setting up WordPress and your Design System in Elementor

We are setting up a new WordPress install together, so that you can easily follow along and create a template website for future projects.

Chapter 5

The most efficient building workflow

Learn the most efficient building workflow, which means that you will learn in what order to build for your website projects.

Chapter 6

Possibilities you should know

A list of relevant things which you should know about Elementor. Things that appear in many projects.

Chapter 7

Extra tips and tricks

Chapter 8

Ending notes

Coming later

Using the Grid Container


What others think

This was the best money I’ve spent in a long time! I actually am getting elementor pro this evening as a Christmas gift! I am enjoying this course so much, and my boss is seeing great improvement in my abilities.

Jason Smith


I learned so much and this course has improved my workflow so much that I now can’t build without it. I’m now awaiting your figma design course next and just like this one, I’m sure it will add tremendous value to my services. Taking this course is one of the best investment I’ve made !

Romel Diaz


I’ve designed my own websites multiple times, so I thought I knew what I was doing. I’m only halfway through the second module and I’m blown away by what I didn’t know. This course is going to make my next redesign SO much better and easier.

Steve Mattus


The course content is so amazing, every episode is clearing lot of doubts and building my self confidence to design like you. Completed Basics & also Dynamic part of the course. Preparing notes along with, now will practice side by side. It is giving me immense happiness to be a part of your unparalleled course. Thanking you thousand times for such a great content.

Raheel Patel


I really recommend this course. Not only you will get tons of videos where in clear words the topics will be explained. You also get a lot of resources which are very helpful designing and creating your own content. I really like the way he handles things. His approach is clear and understanding. You know that he is talking about things after a lot of trying and testing etc etc. Again. My best course ever.

Ger de Jong

(The Netherlands)

It is a clear, step-by-step guide that covers all I need to build a website in a professional way. I like the pace and structure of the course. I followed all steps practising building the website and it works perfectly. However, I agree that it is not for beginners and would not recommend it to such people. It definitely can move a freelance person from advanced to master level.

Anna Jaworska


Rino unveils the secrets of Elementor! He shares many structures and guiding to make consistency in your websites so much easyier. It also makes your websites lighter! I really enjoy the preciseness of his tutorials.

Eline Tibboel

(The Netherlands)


Get started now

Join over 1000 students

One-time Payment

Pay once and get direct access to the course, and all future updates.

3 Month Payment Plan

Three instalments to get direct access to the course, and all future updates.


Get started now

Join over 1000 students

One-time Payment

Pay once and get direct access to the course, and all future updates.

Discounted price $297 $178

3 Month Payment Plan

Three instalments to get direct access to the course, and all future updates.

Discounted price $118 $70,80/m

Have questions?


Yes! We promise to keep the course updated for at least 2 years. When Elementor rolls out changes that are relevant to the course then we will update the course. 

Which is a big benefit compared to YouTube videos that cannot be replaced.

You will get lifetime access. The course is connected to your account which means that you own it. So even if the videos are updated your account will automatically be updated as well.

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

You can do that, I did that. But it was not very time efficient. This course is designed to help you turn your designs into working Elementor websites as fast as possible. You’ll save months of frustration and wasted time if you follow this course. So you should see it as a shortcut, instead of a list of “secrets”.

No problem at all. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 14 days and we will give you a full refund.

You can follow this course by just watching the videos, but most of the techniques we are using in the course are done with Elementor Pro. This is because Elementor Free is just way too limited. In chapter 1 this is explained in detail.

So if you (after chapter 1) are still not convinced to buy Elementor Pro then you can just ask for a refund.

It is recommended to already have some experience in Elementor before you jump into this course. Like creating your first page, dragging and customising widgets. 

It is oke if you only have been playing around with the free version of Elementor, because after watching chapter 1 and 2 you will probably be convinced to buy Elementor Pro anyways. And from there on I will teach you anything. 

Also no knowledge about the container is required since we are covering that in detail.

Yes, Woocommerce is covered in this course. But since this is an Elementor course we will stay within the walls of Elementor Pro for Woo. This means we will cover the product page, products archive, cart, checkout, account and thank you page. But we won’t go into depth on all the option of Woocommerce itself, because that would be a course on it’s own. 

Dynamic content is covered pretty intensely in this course. But to keep things simple (and free) we are using ACF to work with dynamic content. ACF is very similar to using JetEngine from Crocoblock, so you will probably understand JetEngine after this course. The other possibilities of Crocoblock are shortly shown in this course, but not in detail, because that would be a course on it’s own.

Sure, much of the techniques, skills, and thought processes I discuss inside will help any Elementor user find it easier to make great websites quickly. It’s just that I always design inside a design tool first, so that’s the workflow I can most comfortably teach.

Yes, following the workflow laid out in this course will significantly speed up your web building process. Allowing you to take on more clients and experience less late nights. But if you think you are already really experienced then just check out the chapters and episodes on this page to find out if there are new things for you.

Yes, we will create one for you if you want. Just send us the info you want on your invoice and we will send it to your email asap. Email

Yes, if you are from one of the approved regions, you can contact us at and we will grant you a percentage off the purchase price.

Please just drop your questions on our email courses@livingwithpixels and we will answer as quickly as possible. Please know we are a small company, so we don’t have a quick response time like bigger companies. Thank you for understanding.