I am pleased to share my enthusiasm and gratitude for what I consider to be the most exceptional Elementor course I have come across by far. In my perspective, a certain level of prior knowledge and experience with the tool is essential to fully comprehend its contents and appreciate the effort Rino has invested. This course deviates from the conventional free courses where students merely follow the instructor in building a project. Instead, it offers a deep explanation of the plugin’s features, the optimal method for installation and configuration of the plugin, the way Elementor interacts with WordPress, the fundamental principles of web design, and much more. What I really like about this approach is that it lets you mix and match the stuff you learn into your own projects. It’s not like you’re stuck following one fixed path. This makes learning way more interesting and flexible. This course totally blew me away and made me feel way more confident about building websites. I’d definitely be a student of yours as soon as your upcoming courses will come out!