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Elementor Pro Mastery: How to build with confidence and efficiently

No-code development course

With this course you can stop guessing and learn a proven workflow for building Elementor Pro websites easily.

How to easily design beautiful websites with Figma

Design course

Learn the design system that is taught in design schools to always have inspiration and create great designs.

Figma course

Software course

If a 1000 people join this waitlist then I will create a Figma course that focussed on learning the software itself. I just want to make sure that there is enough interest in a course.

How to grow your Web Design Business and Revenue like a pro

Business course

Learn the business tricks the pro’s use to sell websites for thousands dollars each time.


How it all started

Since I was 15 years old and first discovered Photoshop I’ve fallen in love with creating things on the computer. 

After a few years of learning many things I felt the urge to share what I’ve learned on YouTube. So I started my first creative YouTube channel in Dutch (I am from the Netherlands, Europe). I ran it together with some friends while doing client projects on the side. This channel contained graphic design, web design, app design, video editing, etc. 

But the problem was that I had no focus at all. So then I decided to start over with a clear focus (only web design) for clients and for YouTube. Then LivingWithPixels was born.

LivingWithPixels then blew up in the summer of 2020 because of a video that went viral about my design process with Elementor Pro where I would first create a design in a design tool. Since then I’ve been trying to keep the momentum going with high quality video uploads while also doing client projects on the side.

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