Troubleshooting Elementor

Some tips for when you run into issues with Elementor

Here are some common problems in Elementor that you might run into and some solutions


Visibility problems on the front-end

  • Don’t use Cache plugins while you are developing.
  • WordPress > Elementor > Settings > Regenerate CSS. Click on that button twice to solve visibility issues
  • CMD+Shift+R (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+R (Windows) for a cache refresh of the page
  • Minimising the editor window in the Elementor editor is not the same as viewing the real page.
  • Make sure your browser is not zoomed in, because sometimes this can create visibility issues. Press CMD 0 (Mac) or CTRL 0 (Windows) to go back to 100%.
  • Turn off “Improved CSS Loading” inside of WordPress > Elementor > Settings > Features, because sometimes the default Improved CSS loading creates issues.


Visibility issues on mobile

  • Making your browser window smaller to see the mobile view is not the same as a real mobile view. So go in your Google Chrome right click > inspect > then turn on the mobile view and select the phone you want.
  • Install the Chrome plugin Mobile Simulator.
  • Just use your phone, it always gives the best view


“Content area is not found on your page”

  • Could be caused because the CPT you are using has the same name as a page.