Go to your WordPress dashboard > Elementor Settings > Advanced > Enable Unfiltered File Uploads and make sure to put it on Enable. Now it should work. 

The default theme for Elementor called Hello Elementor works best with Elementor. It is limited because you can’t do much in it, but you don’t need any theme options for most websites these days because you can build almost anything in the Elementor free and pro plugin.

At this moment I am a big fan of Hostinger. Especially their cloud hosting plans are super fast, but their business plans are also great. I also recommend Siteground for their amazing support and security. I do not recommend using own hosting since the experience is different and it’s pretty expensive.

Crocoblock is still a great option to add more functionality to your Elementor Pro websites. Once in a while Elementor implements some features from Crocoblock in their core, but there are still many options which aren’t available in Elementor or Elementor Pro and this will probably be the case for the upcoming years. 

That’s a short question that requires a long answer. But in short: make sure to make yourself known. See yourself and your company as a brand and keep showing your value. So keep making projects even if you have no clients and share your progress and results online. Then at some point these companies will think of you when they need something or you can try to approach them directly. 

In order to keep things organised we keep support via email. So please email for any questions about our courses.