Recommended software

Good software makes your workflow better. Here is a list of digital tools that I recommend.

Elementor is the most popular WordPress pagebuilder in the world. It has over 5 million downloads. Why I like Elementor:

  • It is super easy to build pages because it’s all visual, no code at all.
  • Your can create pixel perfect designs. Just how we like it as designers.
  • If you are working for clients you can buy multiple licenses at once.
  • There is a lot of educational content about it because of it’s popularity.
  • It has amazing animation and scroll effects built in.
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Hostinger has proved themselves in the last couple of years to be reliable and fast. I myself have their cloud hosting and it’s blazing fast! It’s also perfect for anybody on a budget.

  • Really nicely designed interface
  • Super affordable
  • Free domain on some plans

Use the discount code: LIVINGWITHPIXELS to get an extra 10% discount.

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Siteground a more premium hosting provider with very good support. They aren’t the cheapest but deliver top notch performance.

  • They are recommended by WordPress themselves as a good and safe choice.
  • Their support is amazing. With 24/7 chat, phone and ticket support.
  • They have a 1 click WordPress installer. Easy for everybody.
  • Easy to use interface (recently updated).
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Figma is the new standard for UI / UX design. When I saw what Figma could do I replaced Adobe Xd with Figma.

  • Figma is web-based, so you will never have to save your files, you can easily share files and can access your files from any computer via the browser.
  • It has handy global features that allow you to change colours, fonts and elements from 1 global place.
  • Figma has a lot of smart responsive features so that you spend almost no time measuring things.
  • Figma has great live collaborations features.
  • Figma has Google Fonts implemented so you don’t have to install them.
  • They have a free plan!
Get Fimga

Missing plugins/addons for your Elementor websites. You need this  if you want to build more complex websites with Elementor.

  • It comes with the amazing Jet Engine. Create your own custom post types and custom fields. All in 1 plugin.
  • A powerful Search feature to add to a website with Jet Search.
  • Comes with JetSmartFilters, which is great for creating a filter for your dynamic content.
  • Pretty fun visual effects (like parallax effect) with Jet Tricks.

Pro tip: Check their pricing. The freelance package is the best value I think.
Pro tip 2: Check out all their features on this page.

Use the coupon code: LivingWithPixels10 to get 10% discount. Important: it only works if you use the exact link that the button will link you to.

Get Crocoblock

A very well designed library of unique Elementor Widgets to add more functionality and flexibility to any WordPress website.

  • Well build widgets
  • Easily customisable
  • The first pricing package already is for unlimited websites (that’s rare)

Pro tip: Don’t fall for their pricing page. The first package is all you need.

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Before one of my client website got hacked I thought that free security plugins were enough. Now I know better. iThemes protects your websites a lot better.

  • It’s the second most popular security plugin in the world.
  • It keeps your website faster (faster than Wordfence).
  • It has 2 step authentication, which keeps people with fake emails out.
Get iThemes Security

ManageWP is a tool that allows you to manage all of your client websites in 1 simple dashboard. This makes managing your web design business a lot easier.

  • Update all of your client plugins with 1 click.
  • Login to your client websites without remembering passwords.
  • Create client report PDF’s that you can send to your client.
  • It’s free!
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Handy Wordpress plugins​

In this part I’ve compiled a list of plugins that I use and make it a lot easier to manage your websites.

  • Rank Math SEO > Optimize every page for Google (more features than Yoast for free)
  • Duplicate Page > Duplicate a page, post or template with a click
  • Post Types Order > Change the order of blogposts or products without changing their date.
  • Siteground Security: A great free security plugin for Wordpress. Does work with any kind of hosting.
  • ManageWP Worker > Easily manage multiple websites in 1 dashboard (my tutorial:
  • CPT UI  > Create custom post types that can be used for things like a portfolio, hourses, cars or any kind of repeatable content in a list.

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, where I earn a commission if you make a purchase via my link. This helps me continue to create the free content that I put out. I will only promote companies that I really believe are worth your money. Thanks a lot if use my links to make a purchase.