Recommended software

Good software makes your workflow better. Here is a list of digital tools that I recommend.

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WordPress pagebuilder

Elementor is the most popular WordPress pagebuilder in the world. It has over 5 million downloads. Why I like Elementor:

  • It is super easy to build pages because it’s all visual, no code at all.
  • Your can create pixel perfect designs. Just how we like it as designers.
  • If you are working for clients you can buy multiple licenses at once.
  • There is a lot of educational content about it because of it’s popularity.
  • It has amazing animation and scroll effects built in.

Hosting & Domain​

Hostinger has proved themselves in the last couple of years to be reliable and fast. I myself have their cloud hosting and it’s blazing fast! It’s also perfect for anybody on a budget.

  • Really nicely designed interface
  • Super affordable
  • Free domain on some plans

Use the discount code: LIVINGWITHPIXELS to get an extra 10% discount.

Hosting & Domain​

Siteground a more premium hosting provider with very good support. They aren’t the cheapest but deliver top notch performance.

  • They are recommended by WordPress themselves as a good and safe choice.
  • Their support is amazing. With 24/7 chat, phone and ticket support.
  • They have a 1 click WordPress installer. Easy for everybody.
  • Easy to use interface (recently updated).

Elementor addons​

Missing plugins/addons for your Elementor websites. You need this  if you want to build more complex websites with Elementor.

  • It comes with the amazing Jet Engine. Create your own custom post types and custom fields. All in 1 plugin (similar to ACF).
  • A powerful Search feature to add to a website with Jet Search.
  • Comes with JetSmartFilters, which is great for creating a filter for your dynamic content.
  • Pretty fun visual effects (like parallax effect) with Jet Tricks.

Pro tip: Check their pricing. The freelance package is the best value I think.
Pro tip 2: Check out all their features on this page.

Use the coupon code: LivingWithPixels10 to get 10% discount. Important: it only works if you use the exact link that the button will link you to.

Design software​

Figma is the new standard for UI / UX design. When I saw what Figma could do I replaced Adobe Xd with Figma.

  • Figma is web-based, so you will never have to save your files, you can easily share files and can access your files from any computer via the browser.
  • It has handy global features that allow you to change colours, fonts and elements from 1 global place.
  • Figma has a lot of smart responsive features so that you spend almost no time measuring things.
  • Figma has great live collaborations features.
  • Figma has Google Fonts implemented so you don’t have to install them.
  • They have a free plan!

Design software​

Relume AI is a A.I. based web design tool that helps you generate content and wireframes for your website. It works by providing a prompt about the business you are trying to create a website for. Then it creates a sitemap (pages and their content) and then you can transform that into Wireframes.

  • Save hours doing research on what content should be on what page.
  • Save hours manually creating wireframes that are just for UX testing.
  • Export the wireframes to Figma for an easy transition to visual design.

The main selling point of this tool is that it doesn’t take away your power to make decisions, because that’s what AI should never do.

Wordpress plugins

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) is the most popular plugin on WordPress to make Custom Fields. That is because it’s so easy to use and most of their features are free.

  • Their interface is really well designed and therefor easy to use.
  • They also allow you to create Custom Post Types now, which removes the need for an extra plugin.
  • They have a pro version that allows you to create galleries, repeater fields and option pages. But for the money you can better get JetEngine from Crocoblock.

Hosting & Domain​

Quickly set up a WordPress website without having to pay for hosting. This is great for testing purposes because the websites are only live for 7 days and they are not connected to a real domain name.

  • You can export your website with a simple migration plugin and then move it somewhere else.
  • You can “revive” your website after 7 days if you want to, but then you have to pay.
  • The interface is really well designed
  • You can save a template website for even easier set up.

Check it out!

Management software​

ManageWP is a tool that allows you to manage all of your client websites in 1 simple dashboard. This makes managing your web design business a lot easier.

  • Update all of your client plugins with 1 click.
  • Login to your client websites without remembering passwords.
  • Create client report PDF’s that you can send to your client.
  • It’s free!

Elementor addons​

A very well designed library of unique Elementor Widgets to add more functionality and flexibility to any WordPress website.

  • Well build widgets
  • Easily customisable
  • The first pricing package already is for unlimited websites (that’s rare)

Pro tip: Don’t fall for their pricing page. The first package is all you need.

Wordpress plugins

One plugin that removes the need for many small plugins.

With this plugin you don’t need the following plugins anymore:

  • Content Duplication
  • Media Replacement
  • Admin Menu Organizer
  • Disable Gutenberg
  • Change login URL

The free version is already great, but they do have a Pro version.

Elementor addons​

With this plugin you can manage a few things globally in Elementor that aren’t part of Elementor’s own Site Settings. So if you want to work smart then this plugin is interesting.

  • Manage your Padding classes globally
  • Manage your Shadows globally
  • Easily switch from a Light to Dark background for each container

The free version is good enough for most people, so check it out via the link below.

Others you should know

Compress images (without a plugin) with TinyPNG or img2go or bulkresize

Compress images (with a plugin) while uploading via EWWW

Develop Wordpress locally with FlyWheel for free.

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