Recommended resources for your website

Good software makes everything easier. That’s why I’ve listed the best tools on this page.

Hosting & Domain

Siteground is one the most respected hosting and domain providers in the world. 

  • Recommended by WordPress as a good and save choice.
  • Your site is instantly live (most providers let you wait for a few hours before you can start)
  • They have a very unique unlimited hosting plan. So you don’t pay more per website for hosting. This makes it very affordable.
  • Their support is amazing. With 24/7 chat, phone and ticket support. 
  • They have a 1 click WordPress installer. Easy for everybody. 
  • Transferring a website from another hosting provider is super easy with their plugin.
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Page builders

Elementor is the most popular WordPress pagebuilder in the world. It has over 3 million downloads. This is what makes it so great:

  • Elementor makes it super easy to build up a page by allowing users to drag and drop elements onto a page.
  • You are not limited (as with a theme), so you can design your page pixel perfect. Just how we like it as designers.
  • It’s built for performance, so the code is very clean. 
  • With their Pro version you can even design the header, footer, blog posts, webshop etc. 
  • One of their pro plans has a licence for 1000 websites. This makes it perfect for webdesign client work.
  • It’s populair so they are a lot of tutorials to find about it.
  • It has amazing animation and scroll effects built it.
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Design software

Adobe XD is the new standard for UI / UX design. It’s part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, which makes it perfectly to combine with other Adobe tools like Photoshop and Illustrator. 

  • Adobe XD makes it super fast to prototype an idea for a website or app. 
  • It has an amazing ‘repeat grid’ feature which allows you to create and adjust grid layouts really fast. 
  • You can save different styles for your colours, fonts and elements. With 1 click you can change something on all artboards. 
  • You can share your prototype with other people via a link and get quick feedback. 
  • It has a developer share feature which allows developers to measure and export all styles.  
  • It has cool animation effects built it.
  • It’s free!
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Elementor addons

A very well designed library of unique Elementor Widgets to add more functionality and flexibility to any WordPress website.

  • Very well designed widgets that don’t need a lot of adjustments to impress your clients.
  • Very customisable (if you want to).
  • You will get lot’s of predesigned Elementor templates that you import with 1 click and sell to other companies.
  • Their starter package is for unlimited websites (you don’t see that often). 
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Missing plugins/addons for your dynamic Elementor website. You want this one if you are serious about doing client work.

  • It comes with the amazing Jet Engine. Create your own custom lists, grids and advanced custom fields. All in 1 plugin (this also replaces ACF and CPT UI).
  • Customize almost every part of your WordPress webshop with JetWooBuilder. 
  • A powerful Search feature to add to a website with Jet Search. 
  • Comes with JetSmartFilters, which is great for creating a filter for your dynamic content. 
  • Pretty fun visual effects (like parallax effect) with Jet Tricks.  
  • You will get lot’s of predesigned Elementor templates that you import with 1 click and sell to other companies.

Pro tip: Check their pricing. Unlimited websites is a much better deal than 1 website. 

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Elementor templates

Nicely designed Elementor templates for the Free and the Pro version of Elementor. 

  • Cheap prices because they sell templates separately. 
  • 100% customisable (because they are made in Elementor).
  • There are live demo’s so you can check if the mobile & tablet versions are also good before you buy. 

Note: The button below says “Free” because those are templates that are for the free version of Elementor.

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