Terms list

A big list of all the terms we use while creating websites

Z-Index: Layer

Padding: Space on the inside

Margin: Space on the outside

Masonry: Content stacked like a Tetris game

Heading: A Title Widget

Body text: All the normal text blocks (Text Editor widget in Elementor)

Header: The top part of your website that contains your menu and shows on every page

Footer: The bottom part of your website that often contains links and shows on every page

Stroke: A line around an object

Popup: A model that “pops” into your screen out of nowhere

Dynamic Visibility: A term used to define whether an item is visible on not based on certain conditions

Container: A box with content in it

Boxed Container: A content box with an extra “hidden” box in it to keep the content from touching the far left and right

Section: The old way of creating vertical boxed in Elementor OR a common term to define an area with content in it

Responsiveness: How content reacts to a screen or browser become wider or more narrow

Custom Post Type (CPT): An extra list of posts besides the normal “posts” in WordPress that you can give a different name

Single Post Template: A designed template for a list of posts to make sure all of those posts have the same design

Archive Template: A preview of posts in a list so that people can click on it to get to individual/single posts

Hosting: The hard-drive you rent from a company to put your website files on and keep everything live 24/7

Domain: The textual name of your website that leads people to the website

Theme: The visual way your WordPress website looks (Elementor overwrites this, that’s why the theme “Hello Elementor” is almost empty)

Page: A unique place on your website where content is displayed

Post: A non-unique place on your website where content is displayed in the same way as all the other posts

Dynamic content: Content that is loaded in from somewhere else and you don’t create in Elementor itself

Site Settings: The place in Elementor where you can setup many things for your whole website (globally)