Course Elementor Pro Resources

Elementor Pro Course Resources

Design export

Compress images with TinyPNG

Compress & resize images with img2go or bulkresize

Icons in a font with Font awesome

Dash icons for CPT’s from WordPress

Scooter website Figma practice file

Scooter website images export downloads


Website building

Flex Grow Container

Font Sizes (rem & clamp)

Responsive fonts & spacing sheet

Font clamping website (min value: 360px, max: 1140px)

Global settings for Boxed Container

Website Building Checklist [BONUS]

Classes for Padding [BONUS]

Classes for Buttons [BONUS]

Style-guide download [BONUS] (click on download button)

Visual explanations in Figjam from Chapter 1 and 2


Jet Engine from Crocoblock

Set up a WP website quickly for free with InstaWP or TasteWP (they will expire)

Set up a WP website locally on your computer for free with LocalWP (but will go offline)

How to export WordPress posts blogpost

Want an alternative for Google Analytics without GDPR problems? Try Independent Analytics.



Website Security tips

Website Speed tips [BONUS]



Elementor Pro




All the software with discounts


Support & account

Login page for the course

Leave a review for the course here

Terms list

Troubleshooting Elementor

Discord invite link for the course group

Elementor support on their website

Elementor support in your Elementor account

For account issues of financial questions: