Missing plugins/addons for your Elementor websites. You need this  if you want to build more complex websites with Elementor. It comes with the amazing Jet Engine. Create your own custom post types and custom fields. All in 1 plugin (similar to ACF). A powerful Search feature to add to a website with Jet Search. Comes […]

Ultimate Addons

A very well designed library of unique Elementor Widgets to add more functionality and flexibility to any WordPress website. Well build widgets Easily customisable The first pricing package already is for unlimited websites (that’s rare) Pro tip: Don’t fall for their pricing page. The first package is all you need.

Stylekits for Elementor

With this plugin you can manage a few things globally in Elementor that aren’t part of Elementor’s own Site Settings. So if you want to work smart then this plugin is interesting. Manage your Padding classes globally Manage your Shadows globally Easily switch from a Light to Dark background for each container The free version […]